10 Ways To Make Money In The Solar Industry

Do you know that solar energy is becoming the best way of reducing the carbon emissions of our planet? Solar energy has proven to be effective because it does not affect our normal modern life. This discovery is beneficial to humans because of numerous reasons, such as energy savings, and some environmental benefits that come with solar power.

However, if you are an entrepreneur or you are thinking to yourself “How can I make money from investing in solar energy?” then you are in the right place as this piece will enlighten you on the ways to go about it efficiently.

What you must know is, solar energy has already provided a lot of job opportunities for many people, and it has also made many people millionaires, so don’t you want to enjoy the benefits of the solar power boom? If your answer is yes which I know it is, then below are some essential ways you can get your share from investing in solar energy   

Solar Panel Cleaning

The sun cannot have a good impact on the surface of the solar panels if there is dirt and debris on it. They need to be clean so they can collect the rays of sun that hits them efficiently and in turn covert it into energy.

Most home and business owners don’t always clean their panels because they may not have the time, equipment, technical know-how, or they may be scared of climbing all the way to their roof tops to clean it.

With this as a problem, it becomes an opportunity for you. If your city has a lot of homes and businesses that have solar panels installed, you can start up a cleaning business and become the person they go to when they need to clean their panels. This way, you are sure of making some cool cash

Solar Panel Installation and Service

If there is one thing that is trending, it is installation of solar panels. Most panel installers and service technicians have high demand because manufacturers do not have a wing in their companies set up for installation and service. There are also many contractors and middlemen in the solar market that operate at a national level. Their jobs are to advise customers on the best panels that would suit their needs. Nevertheless, they most importantly need locals that will handle the installation process and service for customers.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water heaters are yet another aspect that is making impact in the solar market. It is very ideal in many ways. Every home, as we know, need water heaters, and these heaters working on electricity contributes hugely to huge monthly energy bills that pile up eventually. If this is an issue, and you find a way of harnessing free energy from the sun to heat your water, is it not worth it?

If you utilize this opportunity and become either a salesman or an installer, you will definitely make money from these hot water heaters and for a very long time too. Installing solar hot water heaters is more favorable in regions like the Southern US, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get opportunities in other places as well.  

Energy Consulting

There is no limit to the solar industry, based on statistics, it will only keep growing. More people are realizing that there are better ways to harness the energy they need for their every day life.

Of course, it will not come as a surprise that lots of businesses and homes will need figuring out how solar power works, the equipment needed to properly harness it, and also the technology that will best suit their needs. What other way can they do this except consulting an expert? So if you can only set your standard as a reliable consultant, you will have secured a job for life and a nice pay check as well.

Sell Panels and Other Solar Products

Selling solar products is a good way to start off before you eventually become a trusted consultant. When we say solar products, it doesn’t only mean panels; there are a whole lot more to it, although they are the ones well known to people. If you start it up now, you will definitely benefit from it, even though you decide not to go into full consultancy. Things you can sell range from solar panels, solar lighting, solar backup power systems, to portable solar powered devices and others that are readily available in the market. You can target businesses, governments, aid organizations as your audience and sell to them, or you may very well open a store online.

Become a solar photovoltaic installer

Some people may not be aware of this, but it is a wonderful way to make money in the solar industry. Here, you will be help owners and businesses to assemble, install, and maintain photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the building or other structures according to the site assessment carried out.


Some people may take this job likely, but it can also do justice for those seeking to make extra money. A budtender is employed as an expert to give guidance to the customers of a product to ensure their full satisfaction, and to make sure they select the appropriate products that will suit their need. By doing so, you make the customers stay happy and get paid in the process.

Solar Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing must not be a new thing to you right? I guess not. Well, for those of you that don’t know what it means, simply put, it is sales in which you make a certain commission for helping someone market his/her products.

A good place to source such program is SolarCity. This company is well known in the solar economy. They are based in San Mateo, California, and from time they have been top on the list of companies introducing solar power to residential and commercial properties.

Nevertheless, they might need some helping hands. You can become a SolarCity ambassador and help market their products. There are also commissions on every referral purchase you do, and to make your job easier, SolarCity provides every ambassador with an app and toolkit.

Asides these major ways of leveraging the solar market to make money, you could also consider:

  • Virtual Reality engineering
  • Retail seller of solar panels
  • Invest in solar industries (buy stocks)

Bottom Line There are so many reasons why you should be grateful for solar energy, and so it will be only appropriate that you make use of the opportunities that show up  to make extra money. A good way to start will be to follow any of these suggestions and you stand a chance of building a business empire for yourself.