2017 SDGE Rate Changes

Another change that SDGE is hoping will fly under the radar relates to the On-Peak period for Time-of-Use (TOU) rates that will be mandatory for residential customers with interconnected solar energy systems. For those who have already installed solar, you’ll be protected from this upcoming change for 5 years from your system’s activation date. For those looking to install solar in the near future, sooner is much better than later.

SDGE’s plan is to shift the On-Peak period for TOU customers from the current window of 11am-6pm M-F during the Summer rate schedule (May-October) to later in the day (experts expect this to be 2pm-9pm). This will erode the value of solar production earlier in the day, especially for East-facing solar installations. You’ll still get the Net Metering 2.0 deal, which includes retail rate credit for energy sent to the grid (minus a small nonbypassable charge for electricity when it is imported back from the utility).

Though you’ll get this deal grandfathered for 20 years, if you don’t move quickly to install solar before the On-Peak period shift, you won’t get locked-in at the current on-Peak window. Once this new On-Peak period takes effect, all new solar customers will be automatically placed on TOU rates with this adjusted peak pricing window.

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