4 Reasons Why SunPower is the Premium Solar Panel Brand

SunPower Solar Panel Array

It’s no secret that SunPower has made a name for themselves as a top solar panel manufacturer. As the world record holder for highest efficiency, SunPower’s technology boasts unmatched performance and reliability. We will go through our top 4 reasons why SunPower is a premium solar panel brand; quality, innovation, durability, and more.

Who is SunPower Solar?

SunPower is a leading solar panel manufacturer that is known for their global solar innovations. They hold more than 200 patents and offer the highest performing solar panel systems on the market. With more than 3 decades of modernizing the solar industry, SunPower has helped generate more than 18,000 GWh of solar energy.

Additional Facts About the SunPower Brand:

  • More than one billion solar cells produced.
  • Due to the Maxeon technology, SunPower solar panels produce up to 70% more energy in the first 25 years.
  • As a result of their sustainable manufacturing processes, SunPower became the first and only solar company to receive the Cradle to Cradle Certification.

1. SunPower Quality is Superior

First of all, producing over one billion solar cells is not an achievement that many solar companies can brag about. This feat is due to their superior quality. Because of corrosion and breakage, your typical solar cells lose power over time. SunPower has virtually eliminated these failures with over 3 decades of R&D.

More Information About SunPower Quality:

  • SunPower solar cells feature a thick copper foundation. This feature adds a huge amount of strength that is almost immune to corrosion.
  • Thick connectors allow relief from strain caused by expansion due to ranges in temperature.
  • Because the Maxeon cells eliminate the existence of grid lines on the front, your solar panels will absorb more sunlight and produce more energy.
  • Efficiency and durability are what they’re striving for, therefore SunPower offers a 25-year product and performance warranty.

2. Efficiency is a Bright Future

Aside from leading the pack in quality, SunPower has an efficiency rating like no other solar company. The efficiency rating of a solar panel is determined by how much sunlight it converts to electricity. SunPower’s solar panels achieve up to a 22.8% efficiency rating.

Benefits of SunPower’s High Efficiency Panels:

  • Due to the higher efficiency, SunPower solar panels take up less space with your desired system size — generate more energy per square foot!
  • Generate up to 50% more energy in the same amount of space as a conventional solar PV system.
  • Despite having limited roof or ground space, SunPower panels can maximize your energy offset — homes with limited available space can still offset a majority of their electric bill.

3. SunPower is a Solar Pioneer

With the intention of innovation, SunPower continues to lead the way into the future of solar. For example, with their Equinox system, SunPower has developed an all-in-one system that exhibits compatibility. By design, the Equinox system married the solar panel with the micro-inverter. SunPower also focuses widely on aesthetics, offering their InvisiMount frame for a streamline look.

Traits of SunPower Innovation:

  • Because the solar panel and micro-inverter are one integrated unit, you will have no compatibility issues with SunPower Equinox systems.
  • In the event that your Equinox system has any issues, everything would be under one warranty — no separate warranties for inverter and panels.
  • Engineered to hide in the shadows, SunPower’s InvisiMount frames allow for a clean, “no show” look for your solar system.
  • SunPower utilizes silicon that contains fewer impurities, eliminating the initial light-induced degradation of your solar cells.
  • SunPower solar panels continue to produce electricity on a cloudy day due to the ability of converting more photons into electricity.

4. SunPower Will be Around to Honor Warranties

SunPower is a solar company that will be around for the long haul — this is not easy to say about most companies! For this reason, your 25-year product and performance warranties will continue to be valid. With this in mind, if you’re purchasing a solar energy system simply because it’s more affordable, take a moment to research the manufacturer — ensure that your chosen manufacturer will be around to honor their warranty.

Signs of SunPower’s On-Going Success:

  • SunPower has been an official company for over 30 years, but started as a man’s engineering dream nearly 40 years ago.
  • Despite the current position of the solar industry, they still emanate creativity and modernization.
  • SunPower has acquired numerous solar companies over the last 2 decades.
  • They hold over 200 patents and multiple world records.
  • SunPower remains transparent and accountable with their philosophies and processes.

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