ABB’s 1,500-V string inverter will begin U.S. shipments in May 2019

ABB’s newest string inverter, the PVS-175-TL, is now available for order in the United States for delivery beginning May 2019. The 1,500-volt PVS-175-TL delivers up to 185 kW active power and substantial savings on installation and logistic costs for ground-mounted utility-scale applications.

ABB Customer World this week will be the first showcase of the PVS-175-TL string inverter in the North American market.

“It is exciting to offer an award-winning technology to our customers in this market who seek out a higher-power string inverter. The PVS-175-TL inverter not only supports higher power densities, but also improves installation time and cost by way of its reduced commissioning time. It features advanced communication and digitalization for condition-based monitoring, offering proactive maintenance functionality for the operator,” said Eduardo Casilda head of ABB’s solar inverter business in the United States.

The unique capabilities of ABB’s new PVS-175-TL lie in its ability to deliver high modularity, which improves yields and reduces operational maintenance costs with fewer inverters and AC recombiners to complete the optimal power block. Together with all the key benefits of traditional string inverters, the PVS-175-TL is a plug-and-play inverter, which can be installed with ease, directly onto the existing PV modules’ mounting system, using the same process used to install a DC string combiner box.

The three-phase PVS-175-TL delivers up to 185 kVA at 800 Vac and ultra-high-power density with advanced digital capabilities, offered through the ABB Ability platform. This not only maximizes the ROI for ground-mounted utility-scale applications, but also reduces BOS costs for small to large scale, free field ground mounted PV installations.

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