Abundant Energy builds four community solar farms in Rochester, New York

Abundant Energy has constructed four community solar farms to be administered by Ampion for the Greater Rochester area. The sites will power roughly 1,400 homes, delivering up to a 10% savings on their total electricity costs.

Subscriptions are now available to RG&E customers, who can enroll at https://abundant.signup.ampion.net/. Those who enroll during the program kickoff will receive a $25 gift card.

Under community solar, residents, small businesses and religious organizations are assigned a share of a solar farm based on their electricity use. Each month, solar credits are generated on their behalf and offset their electric bill. Abundant Energy sells these solar credits at a 10% discount, saving them money on their utility costs. Those interested in community solar can learn more here.

“Essentially, a customer pays 90 cents for every dollar of electricity produced from our solar farms,” said Richard Lu, CEO at Abundant Energy. “Community solar is the easiest and most effective way to go solar, save money, and be part of a local, green economy in Rochester.”

Ampion will provide billing and customer service solutions for these solar farms using its in-house software platform. Subscribers will have a digital dashboard to track solar production, cost savings and their environmental impact.

“Rochester has made great strides to become a certified Climate Smart Community,” said Ampion CEO Nate Owen. “We want to issue these $25 gift cards to say thanks to the residents who are helping to revolutionize our energy system.”
Enroll today at https://abundant.signup.ampion.net/. For more about the program, contact Ampion at (585) 299-5966 or info@abundantenergy-support.com.

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