Alencon bringing new pad-mounted BOSS unit to SPI


Alencon Systems will debut the outdoor-rated, pad-mounted form factor of its unique Bi-Directional Optimizer for Storage Systems — the BOSS — at SPI 2019. This new approach to deploying the BOSS offers DC-coupled solar-plus-storage projects as well as stand-alone grid scale storage projects the best of both worlds — the granularity of battery rack charge and discharge with the convenience of a single, outdoor-rated, pad-mounted cabinet for ease of installation along with the flexibility of galvanic isolation.

The standard outdoor, cabinet-based package is designed to hold four BOSS units and is rated at 320- to 350-kW, all in a slender, easy-to-install package. Each BOSS unit in the cabinet can be easily replaced and installed in the field, allowing for easy O&M with no field-serviceable critical parts. The BOSS’s galvanic isolation offers a great deal of flexibility in deploying solar-plus-storage. Each BOSS cabinet comes integrated with the Alencon Communication Environment, allowing for powerful and secure communications and control with a battery energy storage system (BESS) and plant controllers.

“The new centralized BOSS we’ll be debuting at SPI is a real ‘win-win-win’ for solar-plus-storage project developers and installers,” said Hanan Fishman, Alencon Systems president. “This new deployment option offers the benefit of rack level battery charging with the convenience of a single point of installation outdoors. This new approach has the benefit of easy maintenance because each BOSS unit can easily be swapped out if needed. This can assure the highest possible uptime easiest possible approach to maintenance.”

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