Ameresco completes 2-MW solar project at the University of Minnesota

Ameresco, an energy efficiency and renewables company, announced the completion of a 2-MW solar project on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

“The university has a carbon footprint reduction goal of eliminating {50%} our net carbon emissions by 2020, and we are able to take a significant step in achieving that goal with this project,” said Shane Stennes, sustainability director for the university.

Ameresco installed a carport and roof- and ground-mounted solar system at the University of Minnesota. The 2-MW array is pushing the university closer to its goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2020. Ameresco

Ameresco was selected through a competitive RFP process and awarded the solar contract by the University of Minnesota in 2017. The project allows Ameresco to engineer, procure, construct, operate and maintain the comprehensive solar solution. The first phase of this project includes nine sites on the Twin Cities campus. A potential second phase may result in expanding with similar solar installations on the satellite campuses in Duluth, Morris, and Crookston. The solar installations include ground-mounted systems, ballasted rooftop systems and parking lot carports.

“The University of Minnesota has demonstrated stewardship within the higher educational community by embarking on this project across many campuses throughout the state,” said Lou Maltezos, executive VP of Ameresco. “Leadership in sustainability is important for higher educational institutions across the country and the University of Minnesota has taken the steps to reduce risk and improve their energy portfolio.”

The University has benefited from the opportunity for student involvement in sustainability efforts, along with the annual electric output of over 2.4 million kWh to hedge its electricity financial portfolio and limit overall institutional risk.

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