American Solar Corporation completes public solar-powered EV charging station project for MCE

MCE and American Solar announced the completion of MCE Solar Charge, an 80-kW PV solar system powering 10 Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that are open to the public at MCE’s San Rafael office. Two ADA-accessible ports will also be open to the public.

The project, built by Marin-based American Solar Corporation, will generate approximately 120,000 kWh per year and will support up to 10 charging sessions at a time. MCE partnered with the Transportation Authority of Marin and Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Charge! Program to fund these 10 EV charging ports.

EVs that charge at MCE Solar Charge stations will receive 100% renewably-powered electricity in two ways:

  • When the sun is shining, the charging stations will draw energy from the solar array.
  • Any other time, MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy will be used to support electricity needs with a mix of 50% California wind and 50% California solar.

Any excess energy generated by the project will be used to offset MCE’s usage in our adjacent office building.

“MCE Solar Charge is a great example of MCE’s mission in action,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE. “Local labor was used to complete this community energy project, which provides 100% renewably-powered EV charging. MCE is pleased to be able to contribute more public EV charging stations, further reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, as well as be a resource for other entities looking to provide this amenity for their employees and the public.”

Companies within MCE’s service area provided materials for the project, including solar panels from Richmond-based Sunpower Corporation. Other system components and materials like concrete and fencing were all sourced from companies within MCE’s service area, much of it within a few miles of MCE’s San Rafael location. Nearly all of the materials were fabricated and assembled in the U.S.

“MCE’s commitment to paying prevailing wages and hiring locally sets an important standard that not only supports the local economy by using local vendors, but also creates a standard that can be replicated by other CCAs and utilities across the state,” said Charlie Gregg, director of commercial projects, American Solar Corporation. “And as a PV and EV installer, we’re proud to play a part in MCE’s growth as they bring green energy to homes, businesses, and even transportation.”

MCE Solar Charge is complemented by MCE’s Electric Vehicle Program, MCEv, which provides incentives for workplace and multifamily EV charging stations around MCE’s service areas, as well as rebates for low income customers to buy new or used electrical vehicles. With the completion of MCE Solar Charge, MCE has funded and supported 644 EV charging ports, targeting workplace and multi-unit dwellings across our service area. This is the 10th local solar energy project that MCE has completed in its service area.

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