APA Solar Racking unveils new 3-rail racking system

APA Solar Racking launched its proprietary three-rail TITAN Series Racking System, which features an asymmetrical clamping design. APA has worked the past several years with structural engineers, professional engineering firms and installers to develop a solar racking system that is both highly optimized and installer friendly, the company said.

A side view of APA Solar Racking’s TITAN Series Racking System. APA Solar Racking

TITAN has 25% less east/west oriented rails for installation and fewer brackets and fasteners.

The TITAN Series comes standard with either a single driven C-pile or a dual screw foundation. The latter option has been highly engineered for New England’s rocky soil conditions. With the dual screw, APA can offer ground screws of any size and pre-drill options if needed with a fleet of privately-owned rock drilling and screw install equipment.

The hardware also comes standard with a patent pending top-down clamp that holds the modules in place before they are fully installed. The clamp design allows for different module widths and sizes. This extra adjustment gives installers a range of modules choices, even after purchasing racking hardware. The three-rail design also offers the lowest back of panel shading.

APA ground mounting products include shallow micro helical piles, ground screws, C-pile and concrete-free ballast.

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