Auric Energy acquires installer Solaroo Energy

Auric Energy announced the acquisition of Solaroo Energy, another long-standing solar provider serving Utah and Colorado. The acquisition reflects opportunities to offer a greater range of products and services to clients at all scale of projects.

“Both Auric Energy and Solaroo have a shared passion of changing the way people produce and consume energy,” said Jess Phillips, CEO and co-founder of Auric Energy. “Adding the talented, motivated Solaroo team to the Auric Energy family will strengthen our existing residential and commercial markets in Utah and Colorado and bolster our revenue streams. We are already experiencing the synergies created in the short time we’ve been working on this partnership.”

Solaroo brings several new commercial-scale projects to the already-large Auric commercial team, as well as a burgeoning residential installation pipeline, to be announced by Auric Energy and key partners. A broader range of solar panels, energy-efficiency products and electrical services will be available to all residents of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon, with other markets being explored for expansion.

“This is a rare opportunity for two great companies to combine visions, cultures, and best practices across a significant amount of solar business.” said Kelly Curtis, CEO and co-founder of Solaroo. “Combining these companies will result in a better product, more savings, and an overall better experience for our customers. We’re very pleased with the outlook for the future.”

“One of the key factors in joining forces with Solaroo is that our core values will remain the same: we are focused on customer experience and having our products and people do what we say they are going to do,” Phillips said.

The acquisition heralds the launch of megawatt-scale solar projects, partnerships with nationwide solar sales firms to fulfill design and construction commitments, and new add-on products, installation and repair services.

Commercial proposals are now available for businesses anywhere United States, available via with specific utility usage and facility information.

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