Auric Solar changes name to Auric Energy, will add electrical and battery services

Solar Power World Top Solar Contractor Auric Solar in Utah announced it is rebranding to better represent the company’s expanding offerings.

The new brand, Auric Energy, reflects the company’s opportunity to provide a greater range of products and services to its clients at all scale of projects. Auric Energy will continue to focus on solar, while adding electrical and battery storage, among other services to be announced.

“We are excited to change our name to better align with what we do every day,” said Jess Philips, CEO and co-founder of Auric Energy. “We already have customers with homes and businesses that produce, consume, and in some cases, sell energy back to the local utility using the technology of solar, battery storage, software, and other energy efficiency products.

“We continue to see major growth in solar and energy products as we make sustainable energy production and consumption a standard way of life for our customers. Auric Energy will help us work toward a better future powered by renewable energy.”

The name change arrives in preparation for new commercial-scale energy projects, as well as a major acquisition to be announced shortly. The additional projects will bolster Auric Energy’s already-growing commercial portfolio, and add partnerships with national sales groups, resulting in Auric being a top 20 residential and commercial energy developer servicing the United States.

With sustainable energy production and consumption at the core of its business model, Auric Energy has a range of services for homeowners and businesses alike. Whole-home storage batteries, backup generators, low consumption lighting, and general energy efficiency audits are expected to be some of the most popular requests from existing and future customers.

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