Aurora Bearing Company releases its latest product catalog

Aurora Bearing Company is proud to announce the availability of its latest product catalog. Aurora’s catalog 319 features its newest product offerings, as well as the top quality legacy components that have made Aurora a worldwide leader in quality and longevity since 1971.

This new 128-page publication is a graphically enhanced technical resource that will assist engineers in designing with and specifying motion transfer components from Aurora’s complete line of rod ends and spherical bearings. It includes 12 series of SAE AS series Mil Spec bearings and six new SAE AS-approved series. Find listings for special racecar items, as well as commercial/industrial through SAE AS approved. A full range of metric rod ends and spherical bearings are also conveniently listed and categorized.

The new catalog is available as a hard copy as part of Aurora’s engineering library which also includes 2 and 3D part drawings. Aurora Bearing Company is qualified to Mil Spec PTFE liner system AS81820, Bearing Specifications AS14101 through AS14104, Rod End Specification AS81935 and Journal Bearing Specification AS81934.

News item from Aurora Bearing Company

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