Calyxo improves efficiency of CdTe thin-film module to 16.5%

German thin-film solar panel manufacturer Calyxo TS Solar GmBH has reached a module efficiency of 16.5% and panel output of 118 W with its latest solar panel generation. This is a small increase over the 15.4% efficiency and 111-W output reached in January this year.

Calyxo said this new efficiency rating is significant because now the cadmium-telluride (CdTe) modules can compete with crystalline solar modules on a more even scale. The efficiency of the new modules was confirmed by an independent study carried out by the University of Coburg. In total, a capacity increase of 25% has been achieved since the takeover of Calyxo by TS Group GmbH just under a year ago.

“The further increase in efficiency shows that thin-film solar modules have long ceased to be a niche technology in the photovoltaic industry,” said Dr. Stephan Köhne, CEO of the TS Group. “We are not only already in a position to compete with standard crystalline modules available on the market, we are also convinced that the potential of CdTe modules is far from exhausted.”

Calyxo is the No. 2 CdTe thin-film manufacturer in the world, behind First Solar. First Solar’s comparatively sized Series 4 module has been tested to produce upwards of 122 W with a 17% efficiency. First Solar’s larger Series 6 module has been rated at 420 to 445 W and 17%+ efficiency.

“Our goal is to achieve a further leap in efficiency by the end of the year,” said Dr.-Ing. Michael Bauer, CTO of Calyxo TS Solar GmbH. “There is still room for improvement.”

Calyxo TS Solar GmbH is currently looking for investors to build new factories for the production of large-format photovoltaic modules.

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