Con Edison will offer residential solar customers a free device to upgrade circuit breaker

Con Edison is making it easier for customers to power their homes with solar energy and connect electric vehicle chargers. For residential customers who install solar panels or vehicle chargers, Con Edison will provide – free of charge – a device that avoids the cost of upgrading the home’s circuit breaker panel.

The device, called ConnectDER, is mounted to the electric meter and connected to both the meter and to the solar panels or vehicle charger. Data from the solar panels or vehicle charger are then fed back to Con Edison. Avoiding an upgrade to the home’s circuit breaker panel can save a customer up to $2,500.

“ConnectDER makes it more convenient for our customers to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy and electric vehicles,” said James Skillman, manager of Distributed Generation for Con Edison. “We are glad to make this product available free of charge because we see solar power and EVs as important staples of our clean energy future.”

The device provides Con Edison with information on the power generated by the panels or consumed by electric vehicles charged at the home. The company can use that information to plan investments in its system and run the electric grid more efficiently.

“ConnectDER is proud to work with Con Edison to help customers get these clean energy products and services,” said Whit Fulton, the CEO of ConnectDER. “We see the addition of data and communications elements for grid support on top of a simplified interconnection as a leap forward.”

Con Edison will provide devices throughout its service area after a two-year pilot program in Staten Island during which the company provided 300 devices to installers and customers. For more information on the program or to request to be an approved installer, contact

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