Dynapower releases 125-kW behind-the-meter energy storage system (inverter + lithium-ion batteries)

Dynapower is pleased to introduce the MPS-i125 EHV — a 125-kW behind-the-meter energy storage system that combines Dynapower’s highly efficient UL 1741 SA certified MPS-125 EHV inverter with Li-Ion batteries in a temperature controlled NEMA 3R-rated battery enclosure. MPS-i125 EHV energy storage systems are available in 2-, 4- and 6-hour configurations and multiple units can be paralleled together to meet the sizing needs of any installation.

The MPS-i125 EHV also features Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer which, in the event of a grid disturbance, seamlessly switches a facility from grid-tied to battery backup power. The MPS-i125 EHV is capable of interoperation with other DER including solar, wind and diesel gen sets, and is able to operate in both grid-tied and microgrid applications.

News item from Dynapower

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