EcoMen Solar installs 28-kW solar array on Brooklyn middle school

EcoMen Solar announced that The Berkeley Carroll School has activated a 28.16-kW solar installation on their upper and middle school, a historic landmark site in Brooklyn, New York. The installation was first proposed as part of Solarize Community Board 6 (CB6), a United States Department of Energy program managed by Sustainable CUNY.

EcoMen Solar installed a 28-kW solar project atop a slanted roof at The Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn. EcoMen Solar

Solarize programs across the country reduce the costs of installing solar by leveraging the collective purchasing power of groups of homeowners and small businesses interested in going solar. Solarize CB6 covered the neighborhoods of Brooklyn Community Board 6 and served as a pilot project that helped develop the larger Solarize NYC program as it represented the unique diversity of New York City’s building stock: small rooftops, both residential and commercial, and in the case of the Berkeley Carroll School, a historic landmark. Solarize NYC is a core component of New York City’s strategy to expand access to clean, reliable, and affordable solar power for all New Yorkers.

The project at the Berkeley Carroll School took place between October 2015 and July 2018, with the actual installation taking less than 3 days to complete. The system is composed of 88 LG solar panels and uses SolarEdge inverters.

News item from EcoMen Solar

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