GameChange Solar sets module install record with SpeedClamp

GameChange Solar announced that in a timed video, three men were able to install First Solar Series 6 modules at a rate of 31 seconds per module, working at a steady sustained pace. This install rate of 930 modules per day for three workers, or 310 modules per worker per day, is a breakthrough in installation speed for single axis trackers, which substantially reduces install cost for the solar industry.

A crew of three was able to install a single First Solar Series 6 module in 31 seconds using GameChange Solar’s SpeedClamp. Game Change Solar

The SpeedClamp is a proprietary design developed by GameChange Solar for the Genius Tracker and it has met with approval among installers and EPCs for its streamlined installation.

“Our customers have been asking for innovations to improve installation speed specifically for First Solar Series 6 modules,” said Derick Botha, senior VP of Business Development at GameChange Solar. “Utilizing the SpeedClamp for module installation, the single axis GameChange Solar Genius Trackers is now faster to install than any other trackers for First Solar Series 6 modules.”

News item from GameChange Solar

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