GameChange Solar surpasses 4 GW of total deployed solar

GameChange Solar announced that it has surpassed 4 GW in sales over the past four years. The total includes over 1 GW of trackers, which saw a 500% growth rate in 2018. GameChange has become a growing solar structure and tracker company in the US market due to a focus on cost reduction, faster install, and higher power output for owners, according to a press release.

GameChange Solar announced its sales have exceeded 4 GW of total deployed solar. GameChange Solar

“We are continually striving to reduce costs for owners in order to enable the solar industry to continue its steady growth rate,” said Derick Botha, senior VP of Business Development, Gamechange Solar.

GameChange carries installation solutions for ground and rooftop mounted solar, as well as trackers. The company also recently set a 31-second panel installation record using a three-person crew, deploying its proprietary Solar Speedclamp.

News item from GameChange Solar

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