HellermannTyton releases wire management products exclusively for First Solar Series 6 modules

HellermannTyton has released two new wire management products for use with First Solar’s larger Series 6 solar module: the Series 6 RPC Hanger and Series 6 Fir Tree Fastener. The hanger’s and fastener’s purpose-driven design makes them the only fasteners offering a complete wire management solution.

Series 6 RPC Hanger

The Series 6 RPC Hanger can be mounted with one hand. RPC stands for Ratchet P-Clamp, HellermannTyton’s proprietary cable clamp that dynamically adjusts to different bundle sizes, which was released in 2016. A steel mounting hanger tolerates high torque and is treated to resist chemicals.

The Series 6 Fir Tree Fastener combines an engineered fir tree with an offset and Solar Tie in a onepiece solution. Designed with single-axis trackers in mind, it demonstrates exceptional extraction resistance, even under movement. It can be pre-installed while modules are still on the pallet.

Series 6 Fir Tree Fastener

“Installers are always on the lookout for products and processes that can reduce time in the field,” said Nick Korth, HellermannTyton energies product marketing manager. “Since these fasteners are custom designed for Series 6 modules, they fit like an integrated part of the system, making them more reliable than typical wire management methods.”

Both products are made from high-impact modified, heat-resistant, UV-stabilized material that withstands UV exposure, chemicals and temperature extremes. No metal comes in contact with wires, so there is no potential for electrical faults caused by sharp, metal fasteners.

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