Kuykendall Solar Corporation adds 21-kW rooftop solar array to Oakland Charter Academy

The future is bright at Oakland Charter Academy as solar panels were installed on the roof of their school by Kuykendall Solar Corporation. This 21.122-kW solar power system is expected to offset approximately 33% of its annual electricity consumption.

“Our system had its final inspection this week and is now fully operational,” says Keivan Abidi, director of real estate for Amethod Public Schools. “The system can be monitored online which will allow us to track our energy usage and savings. We are looking forward to showing this to our middle school students to teach them about the importance of renewable energy.”

Located in the Fruitvale District, Oakland Charter Academy is a part of the Amethod Public Schools organization and is the first of their six campuses to implement this move toward solar-powered energy.

“We are proud to bring renewable energy to our school and understand how important it is to teach our students about ways we can all help save our environment,” says Phillip Ellingberg, site operations project manager of Oakland Charter Academy. “We believe in growth mindset and know it is our responsibility to make sure we make moves that help us have a sustainable future. We look forward to celebrating this achievement with our community.”

To commemorate this milestone, Oakland Charter Academy is hosting a “SolarBration” ribbon-cutting with staff, students, and families next month.

“We are truly invested in making improvements to our schools that will help reduce our carbon footprint,” says Abidi. “We hope this will inspire others in our community to do the same and consider going solar as well.”

News item from Amethod Public Schools

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