LONGi Solar also says it has not seen any legal documents in reference to Hanwha Q CELLS patent infringement claims

LONGi Solar follows fellow solar panel companies JinkoSolar and REC Group with a response to reports that Hanwha Q CELLS has filed patent infringement lawsuits against the three companies in U.S. courts. All three companies have said they learned about the lawsuits through media reports.

“At this time, LONGi has not received any legal case documents about the complaints, nor any official business negotiation correspondence from Hanwha Q CELLS on this matter before this event,” LONGi Solar said in a statement.

LONGi said it has always attached great importance to technology innovations and respect for intellectual properties. Presently, the company owns more than 1,000 patents and patent applications in key photovoltaic technologies. LONGi’s PERC cells, which is the technology in question under the alleged Hanwha Q CELLS lawsuits, have repeatedly earned world records in cell efficiencies — one record as recently as January 2019.

After analyzing media reports, LONGi said, “the patent family used by Hanwha Q CELLS in the complaint is acquired through multiple transfers and transactions from other research institutes…From a technical perspective, the current technology used in LONGi’s products is not the same as the technology contained in the disputed patents — the disputed patents are about ALD technology while LONGi uses PECVD technology.”

LONGi, Jinko and REC have said business will continue as usual while more information becomes available around these lawsuit claims.

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