Love Is a Decision

Many people are confused and think that the giddy feelings when your relationship first starts is love. Love is much more then your stomach flipping or the goose bumps you get when he/she touches your hand. One must understand that this is infatuation and not true love. True love is being able to say I will love you no matter what. There is nothing in this world that will stop me. I will love you even when I don’t like you or what you are doing. Parents tend to have this with their children but someone who is very lucky will have this with their spouse. How do you know if you have this type of love? The answer to that question is only time will tell. This is why it’s important to date a while to see if this is the type of decision that you can make. You want to know that when you make that decision to love someone it’s a permanent thing and one that you want to be sure your mate has for you. Marriage is usually the result of this decision.

Unfortunately there are times when a decision to make things permanent was a poor decision and you can no longer live with this person. Maybe this person is physical or mentally abusive. We all know there are relationships like this. This is when it is time to move on. This does not mean that you stop loving that person after all they are children of God too. It only means that this person is no longer a person who builds you up but rather a person that brings yo down. Staying in a relationship like this is harmful to both parties. Leaving this type of relationship also does not mean you can never find love again. We are humans and our hearts are big and we have the capacity of loving many people.

Debbie Krause aka Dr. Mama Love

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