Modernize, MarketSharp partner to give contractors automated lead management

Modernize and MarketSharp, marketing service providers for home improvement contractors, have announced a partnership to provide a seamless lead generation service with automatic tracking and lead optimization capabilities.

This offering enables Modernize-provided new business leads to be directly inputted and managed within MarketSharp’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform through an API (application programming interface). The API also enables contractors to use their MarketSharp dashboard to continuously track the progression and value of Modernize-provided leads at the individual deal level and in aggregate.

Modernize attracts homeowners seeking home improvement professionals through its website, helpful content and digital outreach. When those homeowners request a call, appointment or quote, those inquiries are delivered as new business leads to Modernize’s network of qualified contractors. Remodelers and contractors using the popular MarketSharp platform can now receive Modernize’s homeowner inquiries directly within their CRM. They can also tap into Modernize’s proprietary Data Feedback Loop from within MarketSharp to access analytics and identify opportunities to generate additional value from Modernize’s leads.

Modernize’s Data Feedback Loop tracks each inquiring homeowner with a distinct code providing visibility of their progression from original form-fill to completed project, including the value of the final project cost, as well as the originating lead source. This unique level of visibility pinpoints the marketing and sales strategies which drive the most value on a cost per lead basis for the contractor. With this data, Modernize’s account managers can turn the volume up on high-performing sources while dialing down weaker sources.

“Our goal always has been—and always will be—to deliver the highest ROI to contractors while providing a seamless experience for homeowners contemplating home improvement projects,” said Jason Polka, Modernize CEO. “Our partnership with MarketSharp will deliver leads to the right salespeople more quickly and provide powerful data offering more value to contractors. We are committed to continuous innovation in home improvement lead generation, and are thrilled to offer the first CRM integration of this kind to our clients.”

MarketSharp provides remodeling and home improvement contractors all the elements of customer and prospect management required to run an extremely profitable business.

“We’re proud to partner with Modernize, a leader in contractor lead generation services,” said Jason Oefstedahl, MarketSharp co-president. “This data-focused, tech-forward strategy is an innovative way to serve, and bring more value, to our mutual clients.”

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