New Partnership Installing No-Cost Solar For Low-Income CA Residents

EAH Housing, a nonprofit housing development and management organization, has announced a new partnership with Everyday Energy and Omni Energy to install free solar photovoltaic systems at several EAH affordable housing communities in California.

This agreement is in conjunction with the Solar On Multifamily Affordable Housing program, governed by the California Public Utilities Commission.

“We’ve worked with Everyday Energy for the last 10 years in communities throughout California. This latest agreement continues building on the momentum we’ve established with Everyday Energy and enables EAH Housing to meet some of its long-term sustainability goals,” says Laura Hall, chief operating officer of EAH Housing. “It provides our residents with inexpensive, clean energy while also reducing our portfolio’s overall carbon footprint.”

“We are honored to work with EAH Housing,” adds Jesse Jones, CEO of Omni Energy. “The two biggest challenges we face in California are climate change and housing, and projects like these are able to address both at once.”

Everyday Energy and Omni Energy are sister companies offering solar solutions for multifamily affordable housing. They have a goal of serving 150,000 low-income California residents in 2019.

“We are seeing real momentum towards renewables in the affordable housing industry,” notes Andy Blauvelt, senior vice president at Everyday Energy.

All projects under the new partnership will be installed this year.

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