New solar company Exponent Solar Energy plans to bring energy solutions to prefab homes

Stillwater Dwellings and Exponent Solar Energy have come together to now offer a fully integrated green energy management solution as a core part of Stillwater Dwellings’ home designs. Clients of Stillwater Dwellings can intelligently integrate solar energy management solutions at the very beginning stages of home design and planning. This will serve as a simple solution to the California 2020 solar mandate which requires all new homes to be powered by solar.

By planning a comprehensive energy solution at the beginning stages of a home design, Stillwater Dwellings and Exponent Solar Energy are able to offer a seamless and efficient integration in lieu of a less effective retroactive solar solution.

“We are constantly seeking new ways to bring innovative, green energy solutions to our customers. Our partnership with Exponent Solar Energy allows us to build on our already sustainable home designs by offering customized solar energy solutions for each homeowner,” said Kaveh Khatibloo, co-CEO of Stillwater Dwellings.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Stillwater Dwellings. Our premium product and service offering aligns with the exceptionally beautiful and stylish homes that Stillwater designs and builds. We believe that our unique and integrated approach fills a void in the home design and construction industry. We look forward to bringing value-added clean energy products and aesthetically complementary solutions to discerning Stillwater clients and homeowners,” said Dan Thomas-Grant, CEO of Exponent Solar Energy.

Exponent Solar Energy was founded in 2018 after one of its founders, who lost his home to a wildfire in 2017, discovered first-hand that most regional and custom home builders across the United States are unable to offer solar or energy storage systems as part of their new home construction package. The company partners with boutique, custom, prefabricated and regional home builders to design and integrate comprehensive energy management systems into the construction of new homes.

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