Panasonic solar+storage products now available through Sunnova

Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America announced it has been named an approved vendor for Sunnova Energy Corporation, a residential solar and storage service provider. Consumers will now be able to purchase Panasonic Solar technology through Sunnova’s broad portfolio of service offerings—including buying and leasing financing options, warranties and expert maintenance—giving United States homeowners more choices and access to make the solar transition.

Sunnova has served over 65,000 customers to date in 24 states and territories. The company’s business model creates a wider variety of options for customers interested in going solar, with the added security of operations and maintenance performance guarantees. Sunnova is focused on delivering energy service as well as leveraging its relationships with manufacturers and installers to create a seamless experience for homeowners.

“Cost is one of the greatest barriers to entry in our industry and Panasonic is committed to helping homeowners understand and take advantage of the benefits of solar technology,” said Mukesh Sethi, general manager of Solar and Energy Storage Division at Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “With Sunnova’s energy services expertise and portfolio of solutions, Panasonic customers will now gain added value to their solar energy investment.”

Panasonic and Sunnova have partnered with Sighten, a leading solar software for residential designs and proposals. Sighten recently launched integrated Sunnova Financing on its platform, making it easy for installers to sell Sunnova directly in the design and proposal tool.

Aurora Solar, a software tool that Sunnova relies on to accurately design and quote projects, will also now be available to Panasonic Premium installers. Aurora’s validated software evaluates the shading and performance simulations for its clients’ projects.

Through Sunnova Protect, each solar system is protected for the full 25 years of service, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses associated with the system’s care and maintenance while providing energy production guarantee. The Sunnova Protect warranty is included with all Sunnova service agreements.

To complement Sunnova’s warranty offering, Panasonic’s HIT and HIT+ series modules are also covered by Panasonic’s 25-year product and performance warranty.

News item from Panasonic Corporation of North America

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