Picktricity receives Massachusetts grant funds to bring more thin-film solar to water storage tanks

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) has selected Picktricity to participate in the DeployMass program, a statewide grant program that encourages the introduction of cutting-edge clean energy and water technologies into the municipal marketplace.

A Picktricity installation

After a comprehensive review process, Picktricity’s installation experience with thin-film solar technology was chosen to receive a spot on the Commercially Ready Technologies (CRT) list.  Inclusion on this list enables access to generous state grant funds to provide custom solar systems to public sector municipal customers on aboveground water storage tanks across the Commonwealth. Mass CEC encourages municipalities to work through Picktricity to gain access to these grants for solar installations.

“Acceptance into this program is a great opportunity as well as a significant validation of our efforts. We believe this opens up the public sector to the technology so they can accept it as private industry has started to,” said Kevin Maloney, president and founder of Picktricity.

The DeployMass Program was launched in 2014 as the “Massachusetts as a First Customer Program” in response to the barriers and challenges facing both public entities and innovative clean-tech and water innovation companies in working together to save the Commonwealth energy and public dollars.

News item from Picktricity

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