PurePoint Energy and Eguana offer smart energy storage systems in Connecticut

Eguana Technologies and PurePoint Energy announced that the Evolve – Home Energy Storage System is immediately available to residences located in Connecticut.

The Evolve Energy Storage system allows new or existing residential solar system owners to store excess solar power generation for use in the evening, maximizing their solar investment while increasing their level of energy independence. In the event of grid failure, the Evolve Energy Storage system will keep the solar system operating while managing the home loads, ensuring that power is available in the event of either short or long duration power outages.

“PurePoint Energy’s residential clients are looking for affordable modular energy storage solutions that offer reliability, as well as flexibility. In addition to having backup power, PurePoint and our clients alike will appreciate the service that is provided post installation with Eguana technical support,” stated Tom Wemyss, VP of business development at Pure Point Energy. “Priding ourselves on having earned a five-star rating in service, we are thrilled to know that Eguana’s technical support team will give an extra peace of mind and comfort to homeowners when purchasing an energy storage unit.”

“Traditional standby generators are well integrated into the residential market throughout New England. It is becoming an increasingly popular trend for homeowners to install advanced energy storage systems in conjunction with solar PV systems to replace these traditional solutions. The Evolve Energy Storage system, when coupled with a new or existing solar system, offers a perpetual, low-cost, clean backup power source. Further, the system will allow the homeowner to increase their energy independence by storing excess solar power for use in the evening,” said Livio Filice, director of sales, North America, “PurePoint is a well-established, market leading provider of high-quality solar systems with over a decade of experience in Connecticut. We are thrilled to be working with a company that is focused on quality and customer satisfaction.”

PurePoint is scheduled to become an Eguana certified installer in April with initial installations to commence shortly thereafter. Evolve energy storage systems will continue to be deployed throughout the balance of this year.

News item from Eguana Technologies

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