Quick Mount PV is now a Sunnova-approved vendor

Quick Mount PV, an American manufacturer of watertight solar roof mounting and racking systems, has been added to Sunnova Energy Corporation’s list of approved vendors. Through this new partnership, Sunnova’s network of local installers can now offer its residential customers across the United States Quick Mount’s solar mounting and racking systems. In addition, Sunova’s installers will now have access to Quick Mount’s training program. The company has trained thousands of solar professionals in the classroom and hands-on settings as well as through their online webinars and video tutorials on rooftop solar mounting systems.

“We’re proud to be launching this relationship with Sunnova. Solar customers and solar installers want quality — something that Quick Mount PV has a proven track record of delivering,” said Yann Brandt, Quick Mount PV’s president. “We’re looking forward to providing Sunnova’s installers with the unparalleled quality of our full line of our watertight solar racking and mounting.”

Quick Mount PV’s QRail L-Foot roof mount. Quick Mount PV

Before being selected to join Sunnova’s approved vendor list, both Quick Mount PV’s technology and bankability underwent a competitive due diligence process. Quick Mount PV offers a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated systems providing everything needed to install PV modules on any roof type.

With unsurpassed R&D, engineering, product testing and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing in the United States, Quick Mount PV is committed to producing the industry’s most advanced solar mounting and racking systems. The superiority of the company’s mounting products is demonstrated by the fact that more than fifteen million Quick Mount PV roof attachments have been installed with zero leaks, a company spokesperson said.

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