REC will unveil new, mysterious HJT solar panel at Intersolar Europe

REC Group has announced it will launch a “trail-blazing” new solar panel at Intersolar Europe in May 2019. Other details are vague, but REC said it will be the “world’s most powerful solar panel” for rooftop customers. The new panel combines heterojunction cells (HJT) with SmartWire Connection Technology from Meyer Burger.

Meyer Burger released its own 60-cell HJT module with SmartWire connections in 2017 at a company “Technology Day” that reached 334.9 W with a 23.5% efficiency.

“Our new flagship product will deliver significantly better power density and will fundamentally change the competitive balance between REC and Tier 1 players, opening up a big power gap far beyond what is available today,” said REC CEO Steve O’Neil.

With HJT cell technology, REC can combine the benefits of crystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin-film technologies for much higher efficiency and electricity yield. Panels can be manufactured without the higher temperatures of other methods, which simplifies the process and reduces energy consumption.

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