Roof mount solar supplier SolarRoofHook is now named QuickBOLT

SolarRoofHook’s claim to solar fame came from its patented QuickBolt roof mount—a mounting solution with built-in microflashing that can be installed on asphalt rooftops without lifting shingles. Now, the company has re-branded, and moving forward will be known as QuickBOLT, sharing the same name as its breakout product.


QuickBOLT is a division of QuickScrews International, a manufacturer of woodworking fasteners, like wood screws. Founded in 2008 as SolarRoofHook, QuickBOLT is the first section of the company devoted solely to the solar market. The company developed mounting solutions for tile, shingle, stone and metal rooftops.

The QuickBOLT itself was patented in 2008. The product is an L shaped hangar bolt and a stainless steel-backed EPDM microflashing. Those components are bolted atop shingle into the roof, which creates a watertight seal.

With the name change, QuickBOLT will still have the same services and carry the same products for the residential solar market.

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