Solar FlexRack adds ground screw solution to its product portfolio

First announced last summer, Solar FlexRack has added a ground screw solution to its product portfolio. The company’s experienced geotechnical engineering team created a ground screw that is fast and easy to install. Concrete is not required, and the foundation solution is refusal-free to keep solar installers on schedule and within budget.

Solar FlexRack’s ground screws work in any soil condition, including dense gravel, rocks, boulders and ledges. Small, low-impact equipment can be used for ground screw installation, so installers do not have to rent or own specialized pile drivers or quarry drill rigs. Telescopic upright extension allows for easy vertical adjustment so racking systems transition evenly across rows.

All projects using the Solar FlexRack ground screw and mounting systems include the assistance of the company’s geotechnical engineers and licensed geologists to ensure foundation design is optimized for each solar project. Solar FlexRack’s engineers and geologists are experts on soil conditions.

News item from Solar FlexRack

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