SolarEdge hits milestone of 1 million solar systems monitored

SolarEdge has been tracking the importance that monitoring has in the PV industry. This trend is demonstrated by the fact that less than two years ago SolarEdge reached 500,000 monitored PV systems in its system after seven years of sales and now in only two years, this figure has doubled — now reaching 1,000,000 million monitored sites.

“Just under a decade ago, monitoring PV systems was a passive and reactive process. System owners would install an expensive PV system without monitoring their investment to ensure maximum performance,” said Lior Handelsman, SolarEdge’s VP of marketing and product strategy. “But as the PV industry evolves, the role of PV asset management is now seen as being strategically important for the PV system lifetime RoI.”

SolarEdge’s monitoring platform has been free for 25 years. It offers module-level monitoring and remote troubleshooting and real-time insight into system performance from anywhere. System owners can track their energy production and monitor both system performance and environmental impact. For commercial systems, the monitoring platform offers a way to track and ensure performance ratio. Installers and O&M providers are able to optimize their business while simultaneously offering tailored PV asset management services.

News item from SolarEdge

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