SunLink is selling off patents and other company assets

SunLink, a manufacturer of solar trackers and fixed-tilt ground mounts, is auctioning 11 patents and intellectual properties to attempt payment on a defaulted loan, according to an official from MCA Financial Group.

MCA was brought on to handle restructuring services as SunLink goes through the process of foreclosure. The best financial route for SunLink, an official from MCA said, is to do a foreclosure sale, and, ideally, line up a potential buyer that would be able to carry on with the solar company’s work.

The assets for sale are patents related to panel clamps, module mounts and “module carriers,” as well as the software, tools and source code used to design and deploy the mounting solutions. The auction itself will be conducted by Multiplier Capital.

Solar Power World attempted to contact Sunlink by email and phone multiple times, but no one from the company could be reached.

In related news, NEXTracker, a competitor in the solar tracking market, sued SunLink in December 2018, alleging patent infringement. NEXTracker claims SunLink manufactured a single-axis tracker and clamps that used NEXTracker-patented technology.

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