The 6th Queen Catherine

The royal name Queen Catherine VI will be given to Kate, or Catherine Elizabeth, when her soon-to-be-husband Prince William of Wales, ascends the throne of England.

The first queen to carry the name was Catherine of Valois, who in 1420 married Henry V at Troyes Cathedral. She was Queen consort for just two years before her husband died, leaving her baby son, Henry VI, to rule at only nine months old.

It would appear as if Catherine was a favourite name of Hennry VIII, who was married to three of the Catherine’s.

Catherine of Aragon became the first wife of Henry VIII, in 1509. Their 24-year marriage was cursed by stillbirths and the early deaths of several sons. Henry was so anxious to have the marriage annulled, that when the Pope refused to give his consent, he broke away from Rome and established the Church of England.

Following just two years of marriage to Henry VIII, Catherine Howard was beheaded in 1542, on the grounds of adultery.

She was followed by Catherine Parr, who married Henry in 1543, at the age of 30. She remained Queen until his death in 1547.

Married to Charles II in 1662, Catherine of Braganza, was both Portuguese and a Catholic, making her instantly unpopular with their English subjects. While failing to produce any surviving offspring, she was further humiliated by her husband fathering numerous illegitimate children by his many mistresses.

Princess Diana was only twenty when she married Kate’s future father-in-law. Typically royal brides are in their teens, making Kate Middleton to be considered ancient as Queen-in-waiting.

The youngest royal bride was just six years old, Isabella of Valois, when she married Richard II in 1396.

Kate Middleton has aspirations to design a range of clothing that could possibly be called the Princess of Wales, Queen Catherine, or Duchess of Clarence range, or maybe Royal Rags?

If Prince Charles weds while his father and grandmother are still alive (which everyone hopes will happen) then Kate’s royal title would be ‘HRH Princess of Wales. It is however rumoured that Charles may be offered the title the Duke of Clarence, making his wife the Duchess of Clarence.

The moment his grandmother dies Charles will be known as the Duke of Gloucestor and the Duke of Rothesy, as well as a number of lesser titles. His wife would become the Duchess of Gloucestor. However since that would be a temporary title, Kate may choose to continue with her current title. All in all, Kate could be in for a massive identity crisis.

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