Tigo Energy releases new PV-monitoring SMART website

Tigo Energy, the creator of the Smart Modular Flex MLPE platform, unveiled the updates to its SMART Website, the company’s next-generation online monitoring platform. The SMART Website manages system-, string- and module-level data for utility, commercial and residential PV systems. System analytics track production, send alerts and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Tigo Energy launched its SMART Website, the latest software the company has for PV monitoring services. Tigo Energy

For Rapid Shutdown, Tigo’s SMART website can remotely power-off each module individually, eliminating high voltage for maintenance or safety purposes. Customers can upgrade from basic to premium monitoring subscription on either site to enjoy maximum visibility into their systems.

Customers can log in and still have the option to switch to the original website in many languages. The company has published user videos for system owners and installers. Tigo’s Training Team will host a live training webinar on February 14th at 10 a.m. PST to teach users how to navigate the new site.

New features of the Tigo SMART Website include:

  • Improved UI: Better user experience for desktop, table and mobile logins.
  • Enhanced Overview: New summary page shows new system view, detailed charts & alerts.
  • Simplified Navigation: More intuitive and aesthetically designed website layout.
  • Faster Responsiveness: Information loading for large PV sites quickened with data processing.
  • Detailed Alerts: Easier onsite & remote troubleshooting steps match email/SMS alerts.
  • Convenient Configuration & Registration: Prompted setup includes more customized options.
  • New Guidelines: Added information & steps throughout the website and system setup process.
  • Feedback Opportunities: Suggestions from users can be provided on every webpage.

“Tigo prioritized this SMART Website after receiving such positive feedback about the SMART App from our installer and partner network over the last year,” said Maxym Makhota, VP of Software Engineering & Development at Tigo. “We are thrilled that Tigo’s PV system owners are continuing to benefit from our proprietary online monitoring tools—now with measurable returns on their solar investments.”

The new Tigo SMART Website is compatible with the 2017 SMART App. Both monitoring tools show reclaimed energy with the appropriate Tigo equipment.

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