Tv Makers Go To War 3d Television Quoted The Ministry Of Industry To Discuss The Industry Standard

TCL , Hisense and other mainstream manufacturers get together and launched replacement birth color TV industry

Rear projection TV Plasma TV , LCD TV, Internet TV, into the flat-panel TV age, the color TV industry, technological innovation boom appears to be activated at once, but the latest battle has been extended to 3D TV. Behind all this is to encourage users to buy the one hand, flat-panel TVs enthusiasm, the other three networks background, color TV manufacturers hope to re-shuffling technology to seize market share.

TCL Hisense simultaneous push 3D TV

3 30, at the Hong Kong-listed TCL Group’s operating business of TCL Multimedia TV chose a major in Hong Kong of its strategy: the launch of its first 3D television sets.

“TCL achieved the first 3D television technology and the integration of Internet applications, opening the world’s 3D Internet TV era.” TCL Group Vice President, Multimedia Han Qing, general manager of China Business Centre, such rhetoric of its launch 3D television significance.

But only after a day in more than 100 kilometers away from Guangzhou, in addition, Hisense has also announced the availability of 19-55 13-inch LED LCD TV products, including 55-inch and 47-inch 3D display with blue LED LCD engine TV, using the most sophisticated 3D design of the current program.

Liu Hong, general manager of the new

Hisense Electric, said, Hisense will quickly fully completed in the main urban market of ordinary CCFL LCD TV LED LCD TV to upgrade.

3G TV for their significance, TCL Multimedia’s argument is that his “release the world’s first 3D Internet TV”, Hisense said that its 3G TV uses the most sophisticated 3D design of the current program.

At the same time, Samsung Also revealed that the 3D TV products will be landing in China in April. Skyworth has unveiled earlier this month, 3D TV prototype machine,

Changhong , Sony, TCL, Konka and other TV companies have also pledged to launch 3D television. For a time, domestic color TV giants get together and 3D TV, TV market seems to have become a scene.

“Avatar” caused enthusiasm for industry

Despite the clamor in unison 3D TV color TV manufacturers, but not in the early introduction of 3D TV how many people know what is the popular understanding, 3D means three-dimensional graphics. As the human eye observe the object from different angles, can distinguish objects near and far to produce three-dimensional imaging, 3D TV to produce 3D display its name.

If there is no “Avatar” to ignite people’s passion for 3D movies, I believe that the arrival of 3D television is not so rapid. “Avatar” makes 3D movie market has become a gold standard. To take this opportunity, 3D TV’s launch apparently has its reasons.

Market research firm DisplaySearch estimates that the global 3D TV sales this year, up to 120 million units. The report is expected in 2013, 3D TV will have 15.6 million units sold, to reach 64.2 million by 2018 more units, then

Sell Amount should be 17 billion U.S. dollars.

3D TV technology to achieve a considerable degree of difficulty, color TV manufacturers spent a great effort. “3D TV concept into the country to benefit from public view really large 3D” Avatar, “the Reying, but the 3D display is not a new technology.” Hisense Electric R & D chief engineer Jian Huai Gang said so.

It is reported that in 2001, Hisense has successfully developed China’s first 3D stereoscopic television, but then realized needs to use the shutter-type glasses 3D viewing; in 2006, Hisense launched a naked eye view of the slit grating 3D stereoscopic television, however, still some problems left to push the user.

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