Utopus Insights launches Scipher asset management platform for renewables

Utopus Insights, a New York-based energy analytics software company, announced the commercial launch of its energy analytics platform and application suite, Scipher, at WindEurope 2019.

“This launch furthers our effort to provide the digital intelligence necessary for a sustainable energy future. Today, we are announcing advanced digital products for the renewable energy industry at a time when it’s ever more critical to show its ability to deliver predictable and reliable power,” said Chandu Visweswariah, founding president and CEO of Utopus Insights.

Renewable energy asset owners, producers, operators, OEMs and utilities can use the Scipher suite of products to monitor asset performance in real time, preempt critical component failure for proactive maintenance operations and planning, and to more accurately predict renewable generation.

Scipher, a powerful, mature, scalable and secure energy analytics platform, currently ingests data from 32,000+ turbines, 65 GW of assets, curating 2.4 TB and 55 billion signals daily.

The Scipher software products suite is descriptive (historic data and real-time visualization), predictive (energy and weather forecasting), and prescriptive (asset health information for optimal maintenance and uptime).

Scipher.Vx, for real-time asset visualization: Leverage the power of live and historical data from wind turbine assets with immediate access to a customized view of operational metrics and asset performance. Users can monitor operations, analyze performance data, view summary or in-depth reports, record and respond to events and anomalies and review operations.

Scipher.Fx, a wind and solar forecasting product based on proprietary hyperlocal weather forecasting and machine learning: Utopus Insights’ propriety machine learning engine uses proprietary weather forecast and nowcast information to help operators increase revenue through better predictions.

Scipher.Rx, a prescriptive analytics product for proactive maintenance of wind assets. Diagnose and manage system health: A critical component of reliability, Scipher.Rx leverages data patterns to provide early warnings of component failures, enabling farm owners to optimize asset maintenance and performance.

The Scipher suite of products is scalable across multiple domains in the electricity value chain for generation asset de-risking, system operations, power trading, and transmission and distribution coordination. They enable stakeholders to lower costs and extract additional, untapped revenue.

“Our products will allow customers to get access to real-time information directly from the assets anytime, anywhere. In addition, our products provide accurate forecasts and reliable prediction of failures by leveraging our AI/ML models,” said Balki Iyer, co-founder and chief growth officer at Utopus Insights. “All this enables our customers to make timely, better-informed and smarter operations decisions that help improve profitability from their renewable plants.”

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