Vanguard Energy Partners adds solar array to New Jersey manufacturing plant

Cary Compounds

Cary Compounds, a leading PVC compound manufacturer owned by Kenneth Cary; and S&A Molders, a structural foam and injection molder owned by his son Charles, recently added a solar array at a shared manufacturing facility in Manalapan, New Jersey. 1,566 monocrystalline high efficiency solar panels were installed on the roof of the 140,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant that provides 639,000 kwh (kilowatt-hours of AC electricity), which is about 40% of the building’s annual electricity usage. The Carys took advantage of New Jersey Governor Murphy’s executed measure, A-3723, which establishes and modifies clean energy and energy efficiency programs, providing incentives for conversion to solar.

“We use a lot of electricity,” said Charles Cary, president of both companies. “We have large machines that work two shifts. We wanted to reduce our impact on the environment and our local community, and, of course, save money. Governor Murphy’s initiative and incentives were instrumental in helping us make this decision.”

The system was installed by Vanguard Energy Partners. “Working with the Carys was a wonderful experience as a result of their leading commitment to sustainability and for the wellbeing of the employees and the community. The dedication to building a successful business while protecting the environment is inspiring,” said Alex Rivera, senior VP at Vanguard. Future plans at the site include an expansion of the solar project to further reduce the carbon footprint and potentially subsidize 100% of electrical consumption.

“Knowing that we’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint feels good, and it is something that fits in with the values of our employees and customers as well. It’s a good long-term investment for the future of our company and the planet,” said Charles.

Kenneth added, “We’ve been in business for several generations, and we are always looking to the future. I want to do all I can to preserve the environment for my children and grandchildren and their future generations.”

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