Welcome To Summer!

San Diego’s hottest months are July, August, and September. Last year, El Cajon hit high temperatures of 100°F in June, 95°F in July, & 102°F in August! Ouch! No one likes to be up at night sweating, tossing, and turning trying to fall asleep. You deserve to enjoy the luxury of living with solar. Live your lifestyle how you choose instead of being at the mercy of the electrical company to decide when & how you should run your AC.

When the heat strikes, you turn to the sweet, melodic hum of the AC unit. Once the switch is flipped, you instantly feel the cooling relief as the constant frozen breeze of air drapes the room. All is great until you receive the bill at the end of the month…Homeowners can pay upwards of 300% percent more of their typical bill without AC!

Running central air conditioning in a typical home for six hours a day, with the kwh rate as much as $.55 or more can you leave you paying $10-$15 a day / $350 a month to remain comfortable. For more frugal people that decide to run their AC less and choose to run a ceiling fan, not only is this method ineffective but it costs money to run that fan!

What seemed like a monthly standard bill transformed into a nightmare!

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