Wind 100A and 100W, read about the tablet new concepts of MSI

An additional MSI idea is the Butterfly. It’s really a quirky idea and for some it still wants just a little bit far more time in the drawing board.

As of the moment, these designs are mere prototypes. The primary concept of this device is to connect to the PC to ensure that it is possible to stream content on the property network and extend the functionality of the existing desktop. Compared to other comparable devices, there’s nothing that stands out but this was surely functional. They have 2 designs which will eventually hit the marketplace within the future. The Butterfly, being a desktop pc concept is not meant for leaving the home normally. One more aspect is that there’s included GPS, light sensor, G sensor as well as a digital compass. Two of these designs are mere concepts and we may well not even see them in production. It runs on Intel Atom Z350 processor. Of course, with the CES in full swing this year, all gadget aficionados as well as the press are searching forward to seeing some exclusive stuff and naturally special ideas. It still feels weird as to how to turn it on or off.

Obviously, as expected, two tablets with 10 inch screens are revealed at the CES. One will run on Android and an additional 1 will run on Windows 7. Nonetheless, on the most part, it would be far more appreciated if we see additional updates on the device in the coming weeks. Correct now, there’s no word regarding the price of these Wind Tablets. 1 of the quirky MSI prototypes is known as the Kid Pad. MSI is going to be releasing 4 concept designs for tablets in this year’s CES. MSI has a couple of them and they appear to be fairly interesting, obviously, such prototypes or concepts still need to have a little bit additional of study to become commercially viable in this Tablet infested world.

It has a RAM of 2GB and a solid state disk of 32GB. Whenever you take a take a look at the Butterfly of MSI, you’ll notice that there’s not 1 button in the device.

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