Yes Solar Solutions uses S-5! clamps in 1.32-MW PV roof project

Yes Solar Solutions won a contract for construct a 1.32-MW solar project at the headquarters of Replacements, Ltd., the world’s largest retailer of china, crystal and silver, based in North Carolina.

Replacements had long considered solar power, and after expanding to a new and larger facility, the company designed the roof to specifically sustain the additional weight of solar panels—making it a solar-ready rooftop from the beginning. CivicSolar supplied S-5! metal roof attachment clamps and IronRidge rail systems were used for racking.

The 1.32-MW solar array at Replacements, Ltd.’s North Carolina facility. The project was installed by Yes Solar Solutions. S-5!

“This project was a result of industry support, as the referral came from a utility scaled solar company,” said Stew Miller, co-founder and president of Yes Solar Solutions. “When we got the contract, there was a sudden shortage of solar modules, and another solar company helped us source the materials. It was a good example of how solar companies can work together to the benefit of a customer and the industry.”

Yes Solar Solutions has maintained a product partnership with CivicSolar in previous projects, and the S-5! non-penetrating clamps met the cost, weight and ease-of-use requirements for the Replacements facility rooftop. During clamp installation, a plywood walkway was installed so the crew could inspect the roof, perform maintenance and protect the existing metal roof.

Kathy Miller, co-founder and CEO of Yes Solar solutions, said this project is “preparing the next generation for a sustainable future.

The racking system components and conduit lines on the rail system (installed over a two-month period) are supported with S-5-H clamps. These clamps accomodate metal roof panels with horizontal seam and offer zero roof penetration. The design of the clamp features two pieces, an ideal choice for this project, as it can be installed anywhere along the length of the rib.

Spanning three-quarters of the entire surface of the arena-sized shopping facility, or 200,000 sq. ft., the PV system is divided into four separate systems, all on the same roof. It is also the largest net-metered project in North Carolina, which means excess power can be returned to the grid.

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